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Are you a foreigner working in the Netherlands? A Dutch professional working abroad or planning to work as an expat? Then expat coaching from GORTcoaching might be something for you. Expat coaching can help you cope with the foreign culture so that it will not cause any problems in your new working environment.

Working in other cultural environments brings up communicative difficulties that intervene with the quality of work. The expatriate’s family can also have trouble adjusting to the new way of life which can lead to home-work problem interference.

At GORTcoaching we believe in equality in our coaching programs. Which means that our coaches are former expatriates themselves and have a lot of international working experiences.

Expats@work - A happy expat achieves more

Job Search or Career Orientation? 

As your coach I would help you, to help yourself in finding your “direction” in your expat career and life:

  • Who am I? | What do I want? | What do I have to offer abroad?

  • What is my purpose in life and career abroad?

  • What is holding me back from having a fulfilled life and career as an expat?

  • How to get the most out of my new expat job?

  • How to present myself to future employers abroad?

  • How to prepare myself back home, prior to my career and job search abroad? 

Eva Kempinger is a career coach and human resources advisor with many years’ experience in the corporate and public sectors. Eva accompanied her partner to France, Germany, Italy and the United States –and succeeded in sustaining and developing her own career whilst abroad. Eva’s personal experience of setting up a new life in different countries makes her the perfect coach for expats and their partners all over the world. Eva knows what it means to live abroad and the challenges expats face.

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